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Full Version: OT vs. SLP pay in the schools
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In my district, the OTs make more than the SLPs. SLPs are on the same payscale as teachers, but OTs have a separate pay scale. Anybody else in the same situation? I don't think this is fair. I don't know if this is true, but don't they only have to have a bachelor's? Even still, their starting salary for just a bachelor's degree is much higher! I don't get it!
same here. the OT in our school doesn't even have a bachelors. she has an associate. she is working toward completing her bachelors though. ridiculous she makes more than i do and i have a masters. and since she only has her associates she doesn't have to do evals and IEPs, her OT consultant does that. all she does is therapy and report on progress. seems like i chose the wrong field...
OTRs almost all have masters now. The new programs, like ours, require it. Some older OTs will have BA or BS, but theyr'e all experienced. An associates means she is a COTA - a certoified occupational therapy assistant - and she shouldn't be making more than you. However, OTs mke more than us in the private world, so they are hard to get in the schools. Also, there are usually very few OTs in a district. This allows for a little more bargaining (like LSSP - school psychs).

PTs make even more in the schools, and their degree requirements have increased, too.
In my local district, OTs, PTs, SLPs, and audiologists get the same pay. Most OTs and PTs working in our schools only have a bachelors. However, diagnosticians with an MA make more than SLPs. Also teachers make a comparable salary with an MA. I don't think that this is wrong, however, I am not surprised that our local schools are always suffering from a shortage of SLPs.
Well I think ASHA should do something about it. We are not teachers we are SLPs. We should be more respected and better paid.
I completely agree that ASHA should do something about it. Anyone know if there is a way to get them involved? I've been told the problem is the Department of Ed considers us teachers. ASHA has to step in at some point and tell them we don't teach.
ASHA has resources for SLPs to bargain at their district levels. Look at the grassroots movements on the website. There are many stories of SLPs getting stipends for CCCs or being put on separate pay scales. ASHA publishes packets of info on salary, but they aren't going to do the work for you. You have to print the information out and take it to your school boards.

We get a separate scale and stipend. I make ~ 3,000 more than a masters level teacher. I make ~ 6,000 more than a BA teacher. It still doesn't change the fact that the OT and PT in my district make much more. I don't know how to fix that, other than to accept that OT and PTs make a whole lot more than me in the rehab settings.
OT's in California make more than SLP's too. And this is the FIRST year they have made a masters a requirement. Hardly any of the OT"s I know have masters and they will be grandfathered in!

ASHA does nothing for us except take our $$$

But if you work for a contract agency, as an IC, you make much more!
I also work in CA>, and haven't met an OT yet with a Master's. I did not know they were making more than SLP's in the school. Where can I get a look at their salaries? I guess the clasified. I am so tired of these slights towards our field. You know, we not only need a loobyist, but we need to go on strike.
Out of the school system OT pay has to do with billing... they pull in more $$$ in a rehab (most of the time). In the school system it has to do with need. They don't need many (good thing, because OTs don't want to work in the school when they can make triple the salary outside)

My close friend has been an OT for over 13 years. She's always had a masters. Her program was at Texas A&M.

I agree that we should be paid more, but I think using OTs or PTs as a bargaining tool isn't going to work everywhere. The pay is too discrepant in most of our situations. I might as well ask for my principal's salary around here.

Have you seen the hourly pay differences for contract work? Call in to a rehab and ask what they pay their PRN OTs. Now have a friend call back as an SLP. ....

It'll hurt.
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