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Full Version: TSHH/TSLD?
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I am a graduting master's student interested in working in New York. I was asked if I have a TSHH/TSLD. I don't have one, nor do I know what it is. Can someone please explain what there are, how do I get one, and a possible link with more information?

I am curious to know if I will be able to work in New York for my CF.
TSHH stands for Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped and is the "teacher certification" you receive from the state of NY when you have completed your Master's Degree. It is needed to work in the schools (at least it was when I was working in the schools in NY (I am currently in private practice in CT).
TSSLD is Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities, it is the certification/credential that replaced TSHH for new grads in 2005 or so. (basically the same thing as TSHH, I think).

Check out the NYS Education Department online for more info. From what I remember (I live in CA now) you do need that credential to work in the public schools. Well-a provisional certificate at least. Which can be obtained from the state, based on a certain amount of credits in education.

However, certificates from other states might be reciprocal to NY.

Good luck!
Jane is correct. i wanted to add that you do NOT need a masters to get the TSSLD certificate, you just need to meet the requirements for the provisional license. Go to for more info.
Thanks for the replies. I will look @ those links. Someone said I will need to take more exams. I took the praxis earlier this month, but will I need to take another exam?

The people who asked me about this was a birth to 3 home agency.

I will look into reciporcity. Is it better/ easier to do your C's in your home state (or the state you went to school) and then move once you are fully ceritied?
You will have to take the LAST (I'm sorry, I can't remember what it stands for), it is a NYS teaching test. Not really very hard, but you should review a bit because it is focused on classroom teaching, much of the stuff covered are things we don't learn in SLP classes.

Also, like Guest said, you don't need a Masters for the TSSLD, but you will need to get it within 5 years from the date of your provisional license.

Tee website provided by Guest is your best bet to get all your questions answered.

Correct - you don't need your master's to get the provisional certificate.....but you DO need to get that master's within 5 years for it to become permanent.
If I am correct you are looking into working for early intervention agency. I am also graduating soon and planning to work in NY and I actually used to work in EI agency. You can still do your CFY in NY in EI agency, but having only SLP license would allow you to do only speech-pathology evaluations, while having both, SLP and TSLD, would let you do both speech-pathology and special ed evaluations. You would also be allowed to provide both types of services, but why would you want it if you can get twice more money for speech therapy. If you plan to provide CPSE services paid by Department of Education (often EI agenices also have CPSE license which allows them to provide services to children who are 3-5), then you would need TSLD as far as I know.
For TSLD you need to pass LAST (LIberal Arts science test) and ATS-W -elementary version (test on assessment). You world also need education or special edu classes, but I don't know how many. NY dept of edu website lists 12 credits, but I think for those who have Master's degree it is only 2 classes. I am trying to find this out myself, so don't rely completely on this info.
I have been working with agencies for many years now and have NEVER heard of doing special ed services with a TSHH or TSSLD.
Seems like we would not know enough about the other domains, like fine and gross motor skills. And remember if you don't treat a child correctly, that can be YOUR license on the line because you accepted a case out of your scope of practice.

I do know, however, that you can be a provider for specific types of services, like applied behavioral analysis, with the proper training courses.
Yes, it is a EI service. It seems like a lot and confusing! Maybe I should focus on adults. lol I am sure where ever I end up, I will do what I need to do so that I work. But to be honest, I do not want to stay in NYC for more than 2 years. But you know plans life gets in the way of plans.
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