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Send your company's message to our entire mailing list!
Your company's name and website link are posted in the newsletter along with a
banner ad/logo and text description of your company and/or featured job, product
or course. The newsletter is sent to our mailing list and is also posted on our
website. The sponsor receives a complimentary skyscraper ad on our homepage
during the week of sponsorship. Sponsorship costs $500 per issue.

BANNER ADS: See your company banner on all user-personalized areas of the website!
Run-Of-Site banner ads place your advertising units within the rotation of
ads throughout the entire website. This means that your ad will run through all
email pages, job classifieds pages, message board, chat room, etc.

HOME PAGE SKYSCRAPER AD: Showcase your job, product or CEU course!
Place your Skyscraper on the left hand side of our home page for maximum
visibility. The ad is linked directly to your website or to any page of your
choice. Ads cost $400 per month with discounted rates available for longer durations.
JOB CLASSIFIED PAGE: Employers, use this page to recruit speech pathologists!
This is a 30 day advertisement.

Ads contain an unlimited text area and a link to your website. Discounts
for multiple ads are available.

PRODUCT PAGE: Advertise your product here!

COURSE PAGE: Promote your CEU course! Ads are offered for ($150)per Course Listing
You will get generous text capacity, a hyperlink to your website.
The ads will become part of our Calendar
Posting packages are available for multiple ads.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Post your workshop/course announcements. The cost is $150.

For more information contact us at:

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